Salon Jolie Hours

Tuesday9am - 6pm
Wednesday9am - 8pm
Thursday9am - 6pm
Friday9am - 8pm
Saturday8am - 6pm
Please call for an appointment (509) 248-2430


Imagine a New You

As Makeover Specialists, we want to provide you with a personalized service designed to make the most of your good looks!

Our Makeover includes:

Custom Color.  We analyze your skin tone, eye color, and natural color and select haircolor shades that create a harmonious palette.

A Signature Cut. Created based on an evaluation of your face shape, bone structure, texture, and density to craft a haircut that flatters your best features.

Personalized Skin Care. Analysis of your skin and recommendation of a care regimen as well as a makeup lesson.

Custom Color, Signature Cut, Personalized Skin Care = the perfect compliment.

We look forward to seeing a new you!